Capture Digital Clinical Measures in Real-Time

Measurement-based digital phenotyping platform for real-time smartphone patient engagement and research monitoring.

How It Works

Syndi's customisable platform uses evidence-based digital phenotyping technology to help you manage and monitor your patients in remote settings - saving you the difficulty of building your own digital system.

Digital Phenotyping

Continuous collection and analysis of passive smartphone data, such as GPS, call and text logs, exercise/activity and sleep patterns.

Active Assessment

Multiple, customisable data streams and variable scheduling to prompt in-app surveys, cognition tests and environment tagging.

Analytics Dashboard

View real-time patient app data to track progress and adherence. Dashboard and in-app messaging with patients.

Dynamic Co-Support

Multiple, customisable data streams and variable scheduling to prompt in-app surveys, cognition tests and environment tagging.

Make data-driven decisions to monitor the health of your patients.

How does Syndi benefit your study ?


Decreased time spent monitoring, guiding and communicating with patients and trial participants.

Seamless workflow

Continuous and unintrusive check-ups and monitoring to decrease study/trial adverse events.

Quality Data

Increased data quality and real-time insights through always-on digital phenotyping sensor collection.

Quality Service

Increased patient engagement and scoring leading to better clinical evaluations and decreased non-adherence.

Efficient and Simple Onboarding

We do the setup for you! Syndi's platform flexibility allows for stress-free initiation so you don't have to worry about the complicated tech and can focus on your research.

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Provide Protocol & Requirements

Once we receive your protocol, we can agree on the setup and study timelines and costs to begin customising the features and be ready for onboarding.


Customise Data Collection

Based on your monitoring requirements, we will customise the active data and passive data collection streams from the app and analytics for the admin dashboard.


Set Assessment Schedules

Based on your study protocol, we will set notification schedules for user assessments and check-ins.


Download & Access!

Researchers receive access to a custom Admin Dashboard and users receive an access code to the Syndi Clinic App and you are all set!

Supported By

Privacy and safety are our top priority.
We are fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and have obtained CE Marking approval.


Start your clinical research.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How do I see how Syndi Clinic works?
How do I see how Syndi Clinic works? Please request to book a demo through this site and we will be in be in touch to show you a live demo!
What treatment areas can you monitor?
Syndi's platform is customisable. Any treatment areas that monitor cases and symptoms using clinically validated questionnaires and/or behavioural data that can be collected on smartphones, Syndi can support.
How much does Syndi Clinic cost?
Our platform licensing cost includes a setup fee and monthly subscription based on number of users as well as complexity and frequency of data collection. Please get in touch to receive an estimated price to have Syndi support your specific study/trial.
What else can Syndi do for me?
We can help you manage and maintain the platform throughout the duration of the study or trial. We've got an experienced and growing team of data scientists in-house - if you require additional ongoing assistance with your data analysis, please let us know!

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Whether you have a question about features, resources, account settings or anything else, our team at Syndi is ready to answer all your questions.


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